1. That I'd be hungover forever.
  2. That one of my daughters would get hit by a car in the parking lot of the breakfast place we were going to.
  3. That I'd run into someone I know at breakfast looking hungover.
  4. That I wouldn't get to nap
  5. That we'd get in a car accident on the way home
  6. That one of my girls has a rare undiagnosed disease
  7. That I'd talked too much when I was tipsy last night.
  8. That we'd get hit by a car on our way to the playground
  9. That that guy working out alone near the playground would kidnap one of the girls
  10. That someone driving by would randomly shoot us
  11. That there's a squirrel living in our house.
  12. That the dog is going deaf
  13. That we're all going to be living in on an end-of-days, scorched earth, fighting for water in 20 years.
  14. That mayyyybe I should be on anti-anxiety meds.