I recommend this as a great exercise when you're feeling salty towards your S.O.
  1. Accepting that the kitchen trash can is full enough to take out.
  2. Toothpaste tube maintenance
  3. Soaking pans overnight
    Admittedly a passive aggressive jab.
  4. Growing ear hair
  5. Rock, paper, scissors
  6. Complicated mathematics
  7. Being a designated driver
  8. Making bolognese
    I can only admit this now that my Italian grandmother is dead.
  9. Yardwork
    To clarify, I'd be better at it if I gave a shit about it, or ever helped.
  10. General/overarching vermin removal
  11. Acting chill during emergencies.
  12. I've started to think of all the things I'm better at than him so I'll stop now.