Yo! Little sister of my friend from middle school, It's weird to post these things! Former coworker: Why do you think this is ok?!? Friend of the family's college age son: check yourself!
  1. Prayers needed! (For their friend's dog's tooth abcess!)
  2. "I knew these wouldn't be good!" (Above an article about McDonald's mozzarella sticks without the cheese inside)
  3. Donation request (for their exboyfriend who's wallet got stolen out of his gym locker...like wha?)
  4. Just ran 3 miles #newme
    Suggested by @momad
  5. Just a frown face. No explanation. No story.
    Suggested by @momad
  6. My cat's foecal test results came back clear.
    Seriously. Why would you think anyone, anyone, wants to know this?
    Suggested by @bookishclaire