This Noble Mutt.

His name is Moses. He's turning 13 this month.
  1. We bought him from a woman who chain smoked in her trailer.
    There were 5 other puppies. Their soft fur smelled of menthol cigarettes. I wanted to take them all.
  2. She said they were Husky/Lab mutts.
    He has neither Husky, nor Lab in him.
  3. He's got 9 lives like a cat.
    And he's almost used them all up.
  4. 1) running nose first into a headstone while trying to catch a frisbee at the dog park/cemetery we used to go to.
    It's an official/sanctioned dog park IN AN ACTIVE CEMETERY in DC. Cannot go back, still remains one of the weirdest scenes in the city. (This is not a pic of the park, just an example of his frisbee skills)
  5. 2) huge tangle of chicken wire stuck through and around his lip/muzzle.
    While camping. At night. Required pliers, ice, whiskey to remove.
  6. 3) got a used hypodermic needle stuck in his paw.
    During a walk in DC. Not life threatening, but did have to google "can dogs get hiv?"
  7. 4) impaled by a branch
    Ran full speed down a hill and chest first into a pointed branch that was stuck in the ground. Carried all 65lbs of him the 3 blocks home.
  8. 5) tore his doggy ACL, had to have surgery
    Both legs.
  9. 6) fell out of the bed of a pick up truck
    Jumped poorly? Idk he probably saw a squirrel.
  10. 7) tip of ear bitten off by another dog
    One of his buddies in his dogwalking pack decided to be a dick, and bit it clean off.
  11. He resigned himself to his new life after my daughters were born with a beleaguered acceptance I'd never seen in him before.
  12. He loves them now.
    Or maybe just accepts their love?
  13. He's almost completely deaf.
    This was his clique when his giant ears heard every crumb drop.
  14. He can barely hear us whistle
    But he's still vigilant about keeping an eye on my girls.
  15. I will never regret having our friend immortalize him in his prime
  16. He's a good dog.
  17. I feel like I could write a book about him, but a list will have to do.