Trends they think plus sized women love

Inspired by @sarahgorman 's awesome list (BEST PLACES TO BUY COOL CLOTHES WHEN UR A PLUS SIZE BAE) that was about where the GOOD plus sized shopping is at....this is a list about alllll the bad stuff that's out there.
  1. 1) Handkerchief hems
  2. I don't like this.
  3. Extra. Pointy. Fabric.
  4. If I see one more god damn handkerchief hem I'm going to lose my mind.
  5. Not technically handkerchief, but I didn't want to make a new section for "Shirts That Look Like A Mistake"
  6. 2) Shitty patterns. Shitty fabrics.
  7. Uncute.
  8. V on trend, amirite?!
  9. Wut.
  10. 😬
  11. 3) which segues nicely into...cut out shoulders.
    I'm not technically against this look...I guess I'm just wondering what the deal is with this as a plus size design.
  12. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
    This is rough. And basically hits ALL THREE PROBLEMS
  13. Lotsa this
  14. Looooootsa this
  15. Wait is this a trend for non plus sized fashion too?
  16. So much shoulder peepin
  17. 4) This shirt gets its own section.
  18. I have no comment.
  19. What am I missing? ➕➕➕
  20. Average girl flannel vs. Plus Size Flannel
    Thanks, but no thanks!
    Suggested by   @mchellepeterson
  21. Ponchos. Why so many?! Also it appears we get the fabrics straight sizes don't want.
    Suggested by   @classyAF
  22. Shapeless Shift dresses
    Literally the least flattering silhouette on someone with curves and yet, they're everywhere
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  23. Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  24. Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  25. Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  26. We don't know what to do with your body so we just put this bag on it
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  27. Edgy leopard t-shirts
    Because we're FIERCE... Like did anyone ask for this?
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  28. Shapeless shirts with droopy armholes. I wish I could find a better example, buts like when the armpit of the short is at my waist. What is that about???
    Suggested by   @jenniferm
  29. You've already suggested all these, but I love how many of these trends this thing combines. Cutouts! Handkerchief hem! Drapey points!
    Suggested by   @jenniferm
  30. Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  31. Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  32. Also applies to tigers
    Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  33. Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  34. Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  35. Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  36. Suggested by   @sarahgorman
  37. Banded tops
    Most of my weight is in my belly. Why the hell would I want to draw a line around it so everyone can see exactly where I'm the fattest?!
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  38. Crop tops
    Again, I have belly issues. Plus, it's not professional or realistic. We're not all Kardashians with flat stomachs and hyper-inflated boobs and asses.
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  39. YUUUUUUUUGE Dresses
    Otherwise known as a sack with straps
    Suggested by   @IveGottaTellMel
  40. Lane Bryant's romper that they forgot to finish sewing
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  41. Ill-fitting blazers
    Nothing else says "I had to look professional and hide my body as much as possible"
    Suggested by   @sophiack
  42. The ugly sheet
    When they fold over an ugly sheet and cut a hole out for your head.
    Suggested by   @kamina
  43. Gilly suits. I get it, you want me to go outside more because it's healthy and these hide my "problem areas" but I look awful in green.
    Suggested by   @ohteeds