Most of these have happened to me so I could turn them into entertainment for you
  1. Would you rather: deal with the dreaded call about LICE
    ORRRRR a call that your kid gave another a bloody nose.
  2. Would you rather: host a 5 hour play date with that seriously awful kid from their playgroup
    ORRRRRR pull your own pinky fingernail off
  3. Would you rather: clean up your 2 daughters' attempt to shit on the toilet at the same time
    ORRRRR get vomited on while walking out the door to a big presentation.
  4. Would you rather: Try and make your toddler eat the food you've prepared when they don't want to
    ORRRRR try and get a fully-bundled toddler in to a 5-point harness car seat when they don't want to.
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  5. Would you rather: have your kid take a shit in the bathtub (with you in it too!) OR Have your kid call a obviously homeless man Daddy in front of a crowd of people?
    Suggested by @shanaz
  6. Have your kid throw up into your mouth while you kiss them goodnight
    ORRR deal with a giant poop explosion in their car seat while visiting your judgemental in laws?
    Suggested by @daisy