1. Ed sheeran
    I really wanna hate him. He's that brand of acoustic music that I've always detested yet I can't stop listening to his pop hits
  2. Dulce de leche
    In the form of ice cream or cheesecake...I cannot control myself. It's too damn good. If you like caramel then beware because this shit is addicting
  3. Arguing positions I don't believe in
    It's weirdly satisfying to get someone riled up.
  4. CNN
    It's not news. It's not really good TV. However, I can watch it for hours. Who can resist Anderson Cooper anyway?
  5. Bill O'Reily
    He's got all the wrong positions and ideas, but I love his no nonsense 'tude and respect his tenacity. His "F*** it we'll do it live" and "cut his mic" clips are too great
  6. Using the same annoying yet effective move on super smash bros. over and over and over agiab