TV show ideas that I'm convinced would be huge hits

  1. Squirrel Mafia: basically a turf war between black and red squirrels...Just film it at the park & add voice over
  2. The Club: (Downton meets Caddyshack, heavy on the Caddyshack) set at a country club, the douchebag members, the beleaguered staff, the 40 year old mean girls in tennis whites and the inevitable desperate housewife/tennis pro affair; interdepartmental strife...a comedy of course
  3. Private Eye: (this needs background info: a friend of mine is a doctor and encountered a woman whose eye would pop out at inopportune moments (coughing etc) and then she'd just pop it back in) A private detective who uses her ability to pop out an eye to spy on people like a built in periscope
  4. What's Buggin' Don: my former co- worker Don talking about what's up his ass that day (metaphorically) and a sidebar of his running list of guys, mostly celebs, that are gay whether or not they know it yet ...(mostly wishful thinking on Don's part)'s looking at you Tom Cruise