Favorite Cocktails, & how best to enjoy them

An unranked list.
  1. The perfect Gin & Tonic
    Take the heat of summer, a DMB concert at the Gorge, a gazillion people, heat stroke, & general craziness. Mix together, & let chill under the stars. Serve with a splash of David Grey. Then decide the best gin & tonic will be a life-long pursuit.
  2. The Dirty Martini
    Listen to people tell you vermouth should barely kiss the gin. Let them French kiss instead. Use olives stuffed with garlic. Let the ice chips float in the glass. Hang out with your sister.
  3. The Tom & Jerry
    The hearth at Christmas, a healthy blend of family togetherness & rancor. Is it a good idea to drink uncooked egg product? Add more mix.
  4. The Jalapeño Margarita
    Decide to spend one summer pretending to be a mixologist. Pick one type of alcohol per month, & find recipes to fit the topic. Serve meals which enhance the cocktail. Be in a relationship with someone who loves Mexican food & tequila. Take photographs of jalapeños steeping in tequila in a mason jar.