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I am really more of a city person but boy mountains are really something, aren't they? (not pictured: keds)
  1. I'm currently headed to a screening of Landline at, yup you guessed it, Lincoln Center.
  2. Landline is a new film from Gillian Robespierre & Jenny Slate (who first teamed up for "Obvious Child"). Edie Falco also stars!
  3. After the screening there's going to be a Q&A with Jenny Slate, Abby Quinn, Gillian Robespierre, and Elisabeth Holm.
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my brain has been feeling kinda stale lately so I'm making a point be serious about actively learning a new "something" every day for the next month!
  1. Cosmetic surgery first became prevalent during WW I. Trench warfare was a huge military tactic during that war, which resulted in dramatic injuries often concentrated to the face. Doctors attempted to find a way to improve the living conditions of the soldiers returning home and began to develop better cosmetic surgery practices.
  2. The "ZIP" in "zip code" stands for Zone Improvement Plan. The zip code system we use in the US today started in 1963. Prior to zip codes, postal codes were used which referred to major cities. Zip codes were designed to refer to more specific local post offices, thus improving mail delivery efficiency.
  3. Gwen Stefani & Cate Blanchett are the same age (both born in 1969).
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I moved recently and spaced on setting up my mail forwarding ahead of time, so I've been going to my old place every week until the forwarding kicks in, just in case. I went today and there was a package waiting for me!
  1. @poweronyourvcr is a goddamn gem
  2. also: the adorable extra detail of including bunny stickers on the box
  3. honestly this was a huge delight and I am just so thrilled by it & you, so thank you!
  4. oh and please tell me where you got that stationary! (whoops, just me trying to steal another of your great floral stationary finds)
tracking my quest to visit all of the ones in Manhattan & a few in Brooklyn; there's no order to this list besides a general organization of uptown to downtown!
  1. AMC 84th Street 6
    Upper West Side
  2. AMC Lowes Orpheus 7
    Upper East Side
  3. East 86th St. Cinema
    Upper East Side
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  1. go see it immediately
just four things I did today that, when listed together, assemble quite the patchwork
  1. painted my new front door
    the place is really starting to come together!
  2. took a shower wearing my glasses
    h o w didn't I notice until after
  3. watched back-to-back hugh grant movies intentionally to compare young vs old
  4. cried watching a video of a teenage girl asking her stepdad to adopt her
I'm in Boston for the weekend & boy is it good to be home (an ongoing list)
  1. abundant red sox & patriot hats
    people in new york wear sports apparel markedly less
  2. rubinoff delivery truck
    one of my first sights upon arriving
  3. hip white dude wearing a hostage calm t-shirt
    because of course
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hi yes this is me at radio city music hall because I now have a master's degree
  1. thinking about this lovely piece: "Our Mothers as we Never Saw Them" by Edan Lepucki
  2. "For me, as for many daughters, the time before my mother became a mother is a string of stories, told and retold...photos serve as a visual accompaniment to the myths. Because any story about your mother is part myth, isn’t it?"
  3. "For daughters who closely resemble their moms...these mothers and daughters are twins, separated by a generation, and an old photo serves as a kind of mirror: How do I look? Even if there isn’t a resemblance, we can’t help but compare ourselves to our young mothers before they were mothers."
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