inspired by @andersun
  1. stop doing that thing where I open a new tab of an essay I intend to read but then the number of tabs grows and they just sit there for a week until I x-out most of them without reading
    read it that day or don't bother saving it
  2. expand
  3. spend 30 min reading or writing every day
  4. actually manage my money, budget better, and save
  5. active gratitude
  6. take more pictures
  7. spend more time with my parents
  8. continue to actively ask myself: is this positively adding to my life?
  9. watch more movies than last year
  10. get my hair cut regularly
    stop letting it grow out until I hate it so much I only wear it up & then finally cut it
  11. quit putting off buying new jeans and just buy them already
  12. get over a fear
    or at least try
  13. travel with my brother
  14. learn how to be okay with taking up space