thoughts, responses, criticisms, and affirmations welcome
  1. I take the subway every day, twice a day, to and from work.
  2. At least once every few days I think about the subway scene in House of Cards.
    (trying to be ~spoiler free~ here)
  3. I then become gripped with terror that I will meet the same fate, and I start looking at the people around me, stepping further away from the ledge, bracing myself against a pole, etc.
  4. So I guess what I'm wondering I the only person that does this?
  5. No! I thought of the exact same scene two weekends ago when I was waiting for the subway in NYC
    Suggested by @gagneet
  6. @gagneet omg thank you; I can always count on you!
  7. I'm in DC a decent bit. I **REALLY** think about it riding Metro there.
    Suggested by @culture_czar
  8. @culture_czar oh woah yeah the D.C. Metro might be too real for me to handle
  9. This is not a comforting thought
    But I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. I'm think your fears are fully justified. Sorry
    Suggested by @jstncwlcx
  10. @jstncwlcx ahahaha no it's not super comforting, though there's always something nice about being affirmed. I was on a delayed train a few months back & when I got off discovered that it was because of that kind of event that had happen two stations ahead of me. Very concerning