inspired by @justjills and @alanafaye
  1. federal government employee, office of the president
    I am rushing around the west wing (filled with lots of people doing the same). I'm wearing a suit and a big ID on a lanyard and I'm saying vague things about needing to lock in support from specific senators for the amendment to the appropriations bill
  2. harry potter editor
    as a child I told everyone I wanted to be a book editor and when they asked why I told them it was so I could read the Harry Potter books before everyone else
  3. celebrity profile writer
    I am having lunch in LA with a famous actress. I'm a bit over-eager as I can't believe I'm sitting across from a woman who has an Oscar. I'm also nervous since it's my first big piece for a very famous publication. The actress orders a salad. I think about doing an ironic take on how celeb profiles always start with an anecdote of the actress eating a salad. I write it and it comes out heavy-handed. My editor changes it to the typical introduction. The piece is released to little fanfare.
  4. lawyer
    the blustery lawyer I am up against keeps objecting during my cross examination. the judge overrules him each time. he dislikes that I am very quietly firm and harsh, not theatrical. his closing argument is very theatrical, lots of flying hands and a crescendoing voice. the jury does not take very long to deliberate. the verdict comes back in my client's favor.
  5. investigative reporter
    I am a member of a small team of reporters at a medium sized paper in a small city. we receive a tip about bribery in the county clerk's office. there's a big cork board in our little office where I keep pinning all the clippings and photos and pictures as we gather facts. the information keeps mounting. we eventually discover that the scandal goes all the way up to the state legislature. we publish the expose and three elected officials are forced to leave office.
  6. manager of the next big Hollywood star
    I'm a low level casting agent. After meeting at a casting call, I become friends with the guy who gets a small role in the next big summer blockbuster. he's the breakout star of the film and ends up with his own tv spin-off series. he hires me and I manage his growing career and new status as a bit of a heartthrob. the show is critically acclaimed and runs for seven seasons. he thanks me by name in his Emmy acceptance speech.
  7. bartender
    I bartend at a family-run townie bar with a big after work crowd. I slow-sip beers in the afternoons, wear a lot of flannel, and finally learn how to take a shot without embarrassing myself. the mostly older patrons laugh, kindly, at seeing me behind the bar, and say it's like having their little sister serve them drinks. I stop working at the bar after a year when I move to a different city. when I return years later I visit the bar. it looks exactly the same.