In Mindy Kaling's excellent book "Why Not Me?" she has a chapter (Coming this Fall) where she categorizes types of shows that always pop up during pilot season. Inspired by that chapter, I've noticed some categories and common themes emerge with the new shows picked up for the fall:
  1. Who Knew People Were So Interested in Time Travel?
    FOX: Making History ; NBC: Timeless ; ABC: Time After Time ; CW: Frequency
  2. 2 for 1 Geniuses
    CBS: Pure Genius ; ABC: Notorious
  3. Based on Movies From the 70's & 80's
    FOX: The Exorcist, Lethal Weapon ; CBS: MacGyver
  4. The Odd, The Surreal, The Acquired Taste
    FOX: Son of Zoron ; ABC: Imaginary Mary, Downward Dog
  5. Trying to Snag those Limited Series Emmys
    FOX: Shots Fired ; ABC: When We Rise
  6. Opposites Attract?
    CW: No Tomorrow ; ABC: Still Star Crossed
  7. Snarky Blonde Women Making a Mess
    FOX: The Mick ; NBC: The Good Place
  8. Comedies Staring White Dudes from Other Famous Comedies
    CBS: The Great Indoors, Man With a Plan
  9. Do You Like Shonda Rhimes? Please Watch These Shows Not By Her
    ABC: Conviction ; NBC: This Is Us
  10. See!! We Make Shows About Women...
    ABC: American Housewife
  11. Law & Order: White Dudes
    CBS: Bull, Training Day ; FOX: APB ; ABC: Designated Survivor
  12. Categorized by their Inability to be Categorized
    FOX: Pitch, Star ; ABC: Speechless
  13. Kevin James Has a Hot Wife (Again)
    CBS: Kevin Can Wait