inspired by @Grosstastic & everyone else
    I'm almost finished with this (sorry to the person at the library who has a hold on this, it's way overdue); it's a fun, easy, but critically engaging read that makes me feel like I get to be a fly on the wall while interesting people talk about TV
    I just love her apartment so much
  3. LISTENING (Song):
    "Watching Waiting" by Wye Oak
  4. LISTENING (Artist):
    finally streaming on Spotify!
  5. LISTENING (Podcast):
    interesting to hear people who have "been there" in the previous administration offer insight on how things can/should be handled by the current White House
  6. EATING:
    lately I have been buying them on my way out of the store & end up going through the whole bag on my walk home
    my mom gave me these for xmas; they are so spot-on & so me, and it's finally warm enough out to wear them