hi @Jacksalack happy galentine's day! I loved reading your lists & decided to put together a list of gifts that feel like they'd suit you
  1. cat dress
    this cute as hell cat dress seems like it would be very much your style & I feel like it strikes the great balance of being clearly all about cats but is still super elegant
  2. ice cream maker
    it may not look like much, but the internet tells me that this is the best at-home ice cream maker, which will let you make it whenever ya want (no more sad nights opening the freezer & realizing you finished it yesterday)
  3. trip to Harry Potter World
    can't tell from your lists if you've been yet, but I also feel like either way you'd probably want to go again!
  4. air plants
    like you, I kill EVERY plant I try to have (even succulents) but I currently have an air plant that I have yet to kill & having them in little glass hanging terrariums is such a cute look (Don't let me)
  5. terry's chocolate oranges (12 pack)
    did you know these come in 12 packs?! I too absolutely love these & feel like you'd wanna have them at your home at all times
  6. the office pins
  7. book-scented candle
    from the product description: "this soft comforting scent makes you want to curl up in your favorite reading chair and read through stacks of worn, well-loved stories"
  8. donut notebook
    this notebook is perfect for whatever ya wanna write in it, and since you clearly are a big fan of donuts, why miss a chance to get to think about 'em
  9. a cookie butter gift basket
    since you love cookie butter, why not try other treats that feature it! it'll be in gift basket form because gift baskets are the essence of class and fanciness. they are the ultimate present a person can receive. (Things I've thought in Trader Joe's)
  10. mary kate and ashley movies box set
    having all of them in one place is basically essential
  11. book of 125 Cute Animals
    technically a children's book, although the appreciation of cute animals has no age limit
  12. framed Harry Potter Watercolor
    so I know you already have a Hogwarts watercolor. But this one is so delicate and subtle and I just love everything about it & feel like it would fit in great with the rest of the items on your walls (Favorite things in my room)
  13. leslie knope mug
    and important reminder for us all
  14. ron swanson mug
    sorta makes a set with the knope mug!
  15. donut baking pan
    I've always wanted to make donuts and have heard great things about this pan so hopefully it'll allow you to combine your preference for both baking + donuts
  16. cats in sweaters book
    requires no explanation
  17. shark cat bed
    this funny little whimsical bed is so great and hopefully your lil gal will like it (or she won't; cats can be so particular can't they!) (My cat is my favorite person in the world)
  18. Born a Crime by Trevor Noah
    not sure if you've read it yet, but seems like it would find a place on your bookshelves! (Trevor Noah is a gift we don't deserve)
  19. taco plates
    both kitschy and functional—perfect for your at home taco nights
  20. unlimited date night funds $$$
    so you can visit all the great places on your list! (Date nights in Minneapolis/St Paul)
  21. 52 lists for happiness book
    had to include a ~list~ gift and this book is both pretty & positive and seems like a great way to take time for yourself
  22. oh, and here are my two favorites of your lists:
  23. so I hope ya like all the things & I hope you have an absolutely lovely galentine's day!!
    also a quick shoutout to galentine's goddesses @Boogie and @amieshmamie