Inspired by @brimattia
  1. ALBUM: Next Thing by Frankie Cosmos
    I just love every single thing about this album and I listen to it constantly.
  2. BOOK: Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit
    Technically this came out in the fall of 2015 but 2016 has been the year of Rebecca Solnit for me & since I've spent most of the year reading her works this seems the most appropriate choice.
  3. PODCAST: The West Wing Weekly
    I watched the show itself for the first time this year and was delighted to come across this podcast over the summer. I now obsessively wait for the new episodes every Wednesday.
  4. ITEM OF CLOTHING: Black Blazer
    I have been search for a black blazer that fits me just right basically been my entire life & I finally found one this summer at a thrift store.
  5. AMAZON PURCHASE: "Victoria" Daybed
    I moved into a new place and bought a cute daybed frame on Amazon and despite the struggle of carrying it up four flights & putting it together, this turned out to be such a perfect purchase for only like a hundred bucks.
  6. ESSAY: "Pond Scum" by Kathryn Schulz
    I'm super into thinking about the frustrating & contradictory, yet mythologized, figure of Henry David Thoreau; Schulz's piece is a thorough and engaging dive into the cultural misunderstanding of Thoreau the person and Walden the work. (technically 2015, I read in 2016)
  7. PERSON: Jenny Slate
    I've just really been into her Twitter and the kind of thoughts energy she puts out into the world.
  8. APP: Longform
    I've always loved this app but I used it a ton especially this year. It's great because it works underground on the subway when I'm stuck without service but still want reading materials.
    This list sticks with me; such a brief and quietly profound collection of thoughts about getting older and watching your parents do so as well.