I think about these things genuinely all the time
  1. the number of U.S Presidents with a PhD
    (1) - Woodrow Wilson had a PhD in Political Science from Johns Hopkins
  2. the sound of AOL dial-up internet logging on
  3. that time Julia Louis-Dreyfus accepted an Emmy in character with Tony Hale
    (I honestly rewatch that moment on a monthly basis) https://youtu.be/1hXpyyt5tWU
  4. the names of all 11 of Will Hunting's brothers
  5. Static
  6. how should I pronounce Bon Iver? If I say bon eye-ver someone will 100% correct me, but if I say bon ee-vare someone will 100% comment on my choice of that pronunciation as being pretentious
  7. Rashida Jones & Marc Ronson were engaged once
  8. those hologram kinda things often printed on the cover of children's books are technically called lenticulars and they can be designed two ways: motion or depth
  9. his name is chris no-th not chris nor-th