I'm in Boston for the weekend & boy is it good to be home (an ongoing list)
  1. abundant red sox & patriot hats
    people in new york wear sports apparel markedly less
  2. rubinoff delivery truck
    one of my first sights upon arriving
  3. hip white dude wearing a hostage calm t-shirt
    because of course
  4. "dollahs"
    not dollars
  5. visible evidence of cocaine use in the bathroom at the model
  6. duck boats
    quack quack
  7. life is good apparel
  8. "the pru"
  9. people going to a Red Sox game crowded only around the train doors so the middle is empty & no one else can get on
  10. my out-of-state ID requires a backup form of ID
  11. walking from one end of the city to the other takes no time at all