1. Attend a taping of a late night show (preferably Fallon, but Meyers or Colbert are definitely acceptable) ✅
  2. Finish coloring the entirety of a coloring book
  3. Re-watch Friday Night Lights
  4. Read, at minimum, one new book a month
  5. Figure out what the hell I'm doing for 2016
  6. Learn to embrace that it's okay I don't have everything figured out
  7. Accept that I have plenty of time to do what I want re:grad school (if I don't apply to PhD programs right after getting my MA that's okay. It won't kill me to take a year if that's what I want)
  8. Take a trip with my brother
  9. Visit my best friend in her new home in Colorado ✅
  10. Improve money management skills (and better understanding of loans/interest rates) ✅
  11. Find and participate in some sort of volunteering opportunity
  12. Finally sort through/get rid of stuff in my room at my parent's house ✅
  13. Work on being a better long distance friend
  14. Actually do ALL of my reading for every class every week (really started slacking end of last semester)
  15. Finally buy a new duvet cover✅