1. hello! so lovely that you exist.
  2. if you are like me, you've been anxiously waiting for me (as in, your assigned person) to post a list of suggestions
    or perhaps you're not like me and you already have a plan, which is very cool too.
  3. overall I find myself basically agreeing with everything everyone else is requesting in all these fun Secret Santa lists!
  4. so here are a few vague ideas but also I will genuinely be thrilled with whatever you choose
  5. anything you've made! like a craft of some kind
  6. something from where you're from
    I'm not very well-traveled and would love to hear about where you live
  7. a letter about yourself
    (and I would be super into becoming pen-pals!)
  8. fun socks! cute socks! patterned socks! socks are great
  9. miscellaneous quirky trinkets/souvenirs
  10. umbrellas with pretty patterns or colors or designs
    (I very adamantly refuse to use a plain umbrella)
  11. something to hang on my wall
    cool art? postcard? photo? sticker? newspaper clipping? absolutely anything
  12. small calendar
  13. anything floral
  14. puzzles
    especially those kitschy collage ones
  15. candles
    especially that "winter forest" kinda scent
  16. a favorite book of yours
    I am open to anything, though I don't particularly like fantasy. I'm especially into essay collections and short-stories.
  17. something related to movies or television (specific references are scattered through my lists)
    television shows I like: the office, the west wing, gilmore girls, parks & recreation, new girl, law and order svu, veronica mars
  18. do you have a favorite quote? please include it even if you just simply write it on a post-it
  19. my big dislike is just anything with nuts or peanut butter (not allergic! just can't stand)
  20. overall I am just so excited and appreciative that you exist and I look forward to anything you are kind enough to give. thank you in advance for taking the time to send me something!
    also thank you to @DawnCloud for taking on this responsibility; there's so much labor that goes into this kind of thing and I just wanted to be sure to say that it doesn't go unnoticed!