(@nathanveshecco - you're back!)
  1. the relationship between music & memory;
  2. how a song can so viscerally return you to a specific place, moment in time, or even person
  3. here are a few examples right off the top of my head as I think of them
  4. bubbly by colbie caillat
    my dad loves this song & always used to get super excited when it was played on the radio
  5. samson by regina spektor
    after one particularly bad day in high school I came home and lay in bed only listening to this song for two hours
  6. you make me feel so young by frank sinatra
    walking on an empty street back to my apartment when first dating, my partner made a big display of acting like a fool and "singing" it in the middle of the street
  7. brandy by looking glass
    this is my mom's favorite song of all time; anytime it would come on the radio she made everyone stop what they were doing & listen to it
  8. the miami dolphins fight song
    growing up my brother had a football that would play the song when you threw it on the ground; neither of us really like football but we can still sing the whole song
  9. come pick me up by ryan adams
    driving to cape cod from boston at midnight to bring my friend to visit his mom during my freshman year of college
  10. shape of my heart by the backstreet boys
    I spent hours choreographing a very literal dance