pet peeves

  1. spelling my name wrong
  2. saying my name wrong
    its not that hard people
  3. not using your turn signal
  4. not looking at someone when they talk to you
  5. changing the radio station in someone else's car
  6. coughing in your hand instead of your sleeve
  7. keyboard click sounds on iphones
  8. coming in someone else's room without knocking
  9. weird couple pet names
  10. when someone reads a text to me instead of just showing it to me
  11. not acknowledging when someone holds the door open for you
  12. professors who go over their time
    if you expect me to be in time for class, i expect you to let me out in time
  13. you're/your
    okay you're human & flawed. I get it but it's not that hard to know the difference between the two.
  14. there/their/they're
    see above
  15. people who are rude to wait staff
  16. employees who don't smile
    you could absolutely suck at your job but this would still be the easiest thing to do
  17. when you're singing along to the radio & you're having your moment but someone tries to sing over you
    I know i'm not beyoncé but neither are you.
  18. when you think there's an open parking spot but there's just a super small car parked there