Ok so more like shit I wanna do cause let's be real, who actually does their resolutions????
  1. Take my birth control pills at the same time every night!!!!!!
    Is it really that hard, Abigail? Yes. Yes it is. Like 10 pm is fine until I'm in rehearsals and then what? "Oh sorry can we pause this scene I gotta go pop my BCP" whatever I'll figure it out.
  2. Showcase Bod 2016
    Ik everyone has this on their list but I actually need to be serious about my health. If I want the career I want I need to be fit... + self confidence is in need of a boost
  3. Continue to be truthful
    Say no when you wanna say no. Be blunt. Don't always be so kind to everyone just because you feel you have to. Oh and also apply this to your art too.
  4. Stop watching so much tv
    Aka prioritize Abby. Piano over Netflix. Working out over abc family...oh wait sorry "free form". Be more artistic.
  5. Oh and no phone before bed.
    Wasted precious sleep time. Tisk tisk.
  6. Say yes more.
    Hang out with ppl even if tired. Did a good job with that this year...but don't forget the goal. Next year is the big push to the goal. Gotta set the foundation nicely.
  7. Maybe travel???
    Like wtf not visit Dom in Chicago if I can swing if? Wtf not go see annie in California this summer?? Either way, try to go someplace cool.
  8. Actually try to relearn Spanish
    It's useful + we all know I wish I was more Hispanic than I am and I am slightly envious of those that are bilingual and have a strong connection to a culture (not saying that Nola isn't a culture cause I'll fight you on it. It is.)
  9. Add something new to your special skills section of resume.
    Absorb some new skill. Your interesting, but the resume doesn't say it.
    They work hard too. It's not handed to them. Remember that.
  11. Actually complete something on this list.
  12. And keep last year's mantra going: BE BOLD.