As a consumer I'm a sucker for three things: 1) good packaging, 2) the word "artisanal," and 3) a quality celebrity endorsement. IF YOU HAVE RECOMMENDATIONS I WILL TAKE THEM!
  1. Face masks, so many face masks
  2. Green juice
  3. Oil-pulling
  4. Various methods of detoxing (detox baths, detox teas, hot water with lemon...)
  5. Tracy Anderson Method fitness DVDs
  6. Aura photography
  7. Restaurants, especially raw/paleo/vegan/locally sourced slow food
  8. SmartWater
  9. Blk Water
  10. Homeopathic remedies
  11. Bach's flower remedies
  12. Candles, so many candles
  13. Donating to various charities/causes
  14. Argan oil
  15. Books (both fiction and non-fiction)