This is a list of items that never fail to make me happy, even when the world seems very dark indeed.
  1. Dogs
  2. Little kids
  3. Seeing someone smile or laugh at their phone, and knowing someone just sent them something that made them happy
  4. Witnessing a joyous reunion
  5. One time I saw this big, burly guy reading a book entitled "How to Be the Best Dad Ever" and sometimes I just think of that
  6. Couples on first dates
  7. When your best friend sends you surprise money at Starbucks just because they love you
  8. Fresh flowers
  9. The crema on really quality espresso
  10. Courteousness
  11. Once I got off a train in Germany and stopped for a minute to get my bearings and no less than three people asked if I needed directions and I thought that was really nice
  12. When someone offers to help someone else with their bags or packages
  13. Moms, especially my Mom
  14. Dads, especially my Dad
  15. Siblings, especially my brother
  16. People who make kindness a priority
  17. Family friends and also the idea of family friends in general
  18. Public art
  19. All kinds of happy crying
  20. Weddings where you can tell that the couple is just incandescently happy
  21. Dancing by yourself
  22. Witnessing other people have fun with their friends and act like total doofuses
  23. Laughing so hard that you cry and your stomach hurts
  24. Old people with great stories
  25. When old people sing songs from their youth and/or when you get a glimpse of the young person that an old person used to be
  26. Walking around NYC and seeing diversity and feeling proud of your city
  27. Doing dorky kid things as an adult and then laughing about it
  28. When you can tell someone else is proud of themself
  29. When you are proud of someone
  30. When someone tells you they are proud of you
  31. Genuine compliments
  32. When you can just be yourself and be weird
  33. Nature
  34. Animals
  35. A nice view
  36. The first day that you can really feel the upcoming change of season and you get excited
  37. Eating dessert
  38. Watching a little kid eat dessert
  39. When someone asks you to take a picture of them and you feel how happy they are or how excited they are to be wherever they are and how it's nice that they want to remember that moment
  40. Happy surprises
  41. Once I dropped my iPhone on the sidewalk at a street corner, and everyone waiting there with me collectively gasped and was concerned for my phone and I thought that was nice, too