100 YEARS OF LI.ST (1922)

I read the Wikipedia page about 1922 and then proceeded to read at least twelve more pages about specific events that year. So happy to participate in this history nerdfest. Thanks, @jakebrandman !
  1. James Joyce
    Dear diary, today is my fortieth birthday and, thanks to Sylvia Beech of Shakespeare & Company, it's also the day my newest work, Ulysses, goes to print. Those ignorant Americans called it smut and have refused to allow any printers there to take it on.
  2. Gandhi
    Dear diary, I was arrested again today for sedition against the empire. Little do those British bastards know I'm skinny enough to fit my hands through the cuffs. Maybe this stint I'll get skinny enough to sneak through the bars.
  3. The George V of England
    Dearest diary, today is a grand day in the history of the Empire. I now rule one out of every four humans on Earth. All the other great monarchs have fallen swiftly in the wake of the Great War. In fact, I'm sending a ship as we speak to rescue my cousin, the exiled Prince of Greece. In other news, my Bertie seems to have met someone. If only he had been born first instead of his brother, Edward the man-whore.
  4. Benito Mussolini
    Dear diary, today I led the March on Rome. My blackshirts were an impressive bunch and we are a few mere strategic moves away from creating the first Fascist government. Those dunces in the government think I'll govern quietly beside them. No. "Il Duce" shall be my title and I shall be head of all, not one among many.
  5. Sultan Mehmed VI
    Dear diary, fuck me. I have to abdicate today. My glorious empire is in shambles. Maybe I'll just get a lot of footstools and put them in one room of my house and that will become my new Ottoman Empire.
  6. Henri Désiré Landru aka Bluebeard
    Cher journal, aujourd hui est la jour que je paie pour mon trespasses. Les police connais mes erreurs contre les femmes. Mais ils ne connais pas ou j'ai caches les corps. Ce n'est pas le mur derrière lequel il se passe quelque chose, mais bien la cuisinière dans laquelle on a brûlé quelque chose.
  7. Betty White
    Waaahh waaaaahhh waaaaahhh