Inspired by @ListPrompts - days later, as always.
  1. 5:30
    Wake up. Make an English muffin. Out of the door by 6:00 (ideally) - 6:15(realistically).
  2. 6:00-8:00
    Pick up the 14 kids on the bus route. That's right. I'm a bus driver. Bonus points because it's a short bus.
  3. 8:00-3:00
    Teach. Laugh. Guide. Grade. Help. Advise. Craft. Scowl. Drink (coffee). Forget to pee all day until I almost pee my pants at 3:00.
  4. 3:00-4:00
    Meeting of some sort. Worse part of my day. Meetings are the pits.
  5. 4:00-7:00
    Play. Snuggle. Read. Watch. Sometimes we get groceries. Sometimes we walk the dog. Also cook dinner and do dishes and feed the dog and tidy the house. Mom life is no effing joke.
  6. 7:00-9:00
    Bed time for Ellie. Rest time for momma. Probably listing while watching Sherlock or West Wing.
  7. 9:00-11:00
    Not really sure what happens to these hours. They get lost in some black hole time vortex. Seriously, I blink and it's 11pm. (If I really had to say what I do in this chunk of my life it's like 80% chance I'm on list app and 20% chance I'm reading.)
  8. 11:00ish
    Fall asleep regretting not going to bed sooner.
  9. 11-5:30
    I'm a great sleeper.