1. Years ago I had a small digital camera that I loved.
  2. I lost it often because that's the kind of person I am.
  3. It always turned up eventually because that's also how my life works.
  4. One time I thought I had lost it for good.
  5. It had been over a week since I'd last seen it and I was getting more and more worried.
  6. I decided to fast (like, not eat for a day) for a few reasons.
  7. In the Christian faith, fasting is a way to intentionally become weak so you will more fully rely on God and his strength.
  8. It can also be used as a way to clear your mind/body.
  9. It can also be a way to strengthen prayers.
  10. My prayers that week had often been asking that my camera show back up.
  11. I thought fasting might help me magically get my camera back.
  12. So I fasted all day long and then headed for my Bible Study at @iammeghanmurray 's apartment that evening.
  13. Side note: Meghan loves to feed me. I am her number one favorite person to cook for because I am a loud, appreciative eater.
  14. I didn't tell Meghan I was fasting because talking about it makes it lose its power.
    (Not really but that's the generalization I always took away from that fasting story Jesus told.)
  15. So I get to her house and she starts offering me food.
  16. I make lame excuse after lame excuse.
  17. Oh, I'm not hungry.
  18. Actually, I just ate.
  19. I'm not in the mood for anything right now.
  20. Every time I decline, Meghan ups the offer.
  21. After a few offers she starts FRYING BACON TO MAKE ME A SANDWICH.
  23. I don't.
  24. Instead, I start crying and confess I'm fasting because I lost my camera and really want to find it.
  25. Our other friend in the group says, "Oh. Your camera is at my house. You left it there a while ago and I keep forgetting to tell you."
  26. I start crying more and I eat the hell out of that bacon.
  27. Maybe the fasting did magically work?