1. Herbology
    I'm no Neville but I'd get a solid Exceeds Expectations in this class because I love gardening, plants, and trees. I dig Professor Sprout and she digs me back. We stay friends for years. I name my third daughter Pamona but we call her Mona.
  2. History of Magic
    I get an Outstanding because, even though Professor Binns is crazy boring, I actually enjoy his class because I LOVE LECTURES AND AM A BEAST AT TAKING NOTES. I also pull a Hermione and read all the books.
  3. Care of Magical Creatures
    Poor. Hagrid doesn't understand my dislike of all animals and I'm super bummed we don't become BFFs.
  4. Muggle Studies
    I sleep through this class and still get a Exceeds Expectations. I don't get a perfect score because I honestly don't understand how batteries or electricity works.
  5. Arithmancy
    I can do the basics but once we get into higher-level stuff I hit a wall and mentally check out. I get an Acceptable on my OWLs and cannot move on to NEWT-level courses. Thank God.
  6. Charms
    Flitwick and I have a great rapport. I can enunciate like a mother fucker so I get an O on my OWLs.
  7. Flying
    I play it safe and do okay. I'm really just waiting for the day we can take apparition lessons.
  8. Transfiguration
    Professor McGonogall is my idol and I'm a little intimated at first but I work hard and practice nightly so eventually I'm near the top of the class. I get an Exceeds Expectations instead of Outstanding because in the examination my rat-turned-goblet still has a little fur around its base.
  9. Ancient Runes
    I'm stellar with languages and word roots and symbols. Ancient Runes feels more like a hobby than a class. I kill the exam and get a near perfect Outstanding grade.
  10. Potions
    I'm decent in Potions but since I'm in Gryffindor Snape dislikes me and never acknowledges my hard work. I'm not one to follow recipes exactly. I like to eyeball measurements and therefore cause a small explosion. Luckily, Seamus causes an even bigger one seconds later so mine gets overlooked. I scrape by with an Acceptable.
  11. Apparition
    Since this is the part of magic I'd be most excited about I work so hard on my destination, determination and deliberation. I pass the first time I take the test because I hide the fact that I was splinched and left one of my pinky fingernails behind.
  12. Defense Against the Dark Arts
    This class is where all my dreams of being a badass come true. I'm amazing at hexes and curses but also repel them like a boss too. I get an E on the exam and am pissed it's not an O.
  13. Divination
    The heat and the smell from the incense give me headaches so I drop the class almost immediately. This is unfortunate because I love to drink tea and unknowingly have the Sight.