1. The most seriously underrated movie of 2013?
  2. It was written by Richard Curtis who also wrote Love Actually and Notting Hill.
  3. Domhnall Gleason is adorable af.
  4. Rachel McAdams is lovely.
  5. Bill Nighy is brilliant as always.
  6. Harry the unhappy roommate is the best.
  7. Kit Kat and Uncle Desmond are completely delightful characters.
  8. Montages from heaven. I swear it.
  9. The music is beautiful and moving and sweet.
  10. Features the most surprisingly beautiful wedding dress choice.
  11. Now some quotes:
  12. "I've never bumped into a genuinely happy rich person."
  13. "My mum was lovely but not like other mums. There was something solid about her. Something rectangular and busy and unsentimental. Her fashion icon was the queen."
  14. "I am so uninterested in a life without your father."
  15. Yes it's a romance but IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.
  16. It made me love and appreciate this beautiful, magical, ordinary life.