1. Get down on their level when you talk to them
    Take a knee, tie their shoe while you chat, sit with them
  2. Have a few jokes in your back pocket
    What do you call a crab who doesn't like to share? (Shellfish!) Where does the general keep his armies? (In his sleevies!)
  3. Get really good at Simon Says
    It's the best way to get them silent! Play rapid fire speed! Give them a few active commands, then a few medium ones, then a few calm ones and end with them silently standing with their arms crossed and eyes on you.
  4. If there is an issue between two kids, always let both of them tell their side of the story.
    Everyone just wants to be heard.
  5. Maybe this goes without saying but genuine encouragement/affirmation goes a long way in building relationships
    And gets them on the path of wanting to do what's right
  6. I'm sure I'll think of more!