My day early, cyber Valentine's Day card to all my real life loves. 💚
  1. Static
    My hot husband. He's smart, hilarious, holds me when I need him to, and seriously loves me despite my disastrousness. My current favorite thing about him is that he is an incredible dad to our little girl.
  2. Static
    She's my BFF and has been for a decade. She's kinder, funnier, more reliable and patient and selfless than me. She's literally the best. She makes everything better.
  3. Static
    April and I have been close since sixth grade. That's nearly two decades, y'all! She's top five funniest people I know, is so intelligent, has the voice of Whitney Houston and Kelly Clarkson combined, and is so flipping classy I look like a homeless person in comparison. And I love it.
  4. Static
    Another double decade friend. She slays at Jeopardy and all trivia because she is so intelligent. Her giant heart paired with her incredible capabilities changes lives for those with special needs or eating disorders. I love being around her and talking books and making art.
  5. Static
    My youth group student turned life-long friend. She's beautiful, mega witty and extremely hard working.
  6. Static
    One of the few people I've known for their entire life. I remember where I was the moment I heard she was born. Another youth group member turned adult friend. She's wise beyond her years, frighteningly honest, hilarious and has eyes so beautiful you never want to look away.
  7. Static
    Stylish, wicked funny, rocks bow ties like no one else, is perpetually late but it's okay because he's also crazy lovable. Loves his family deeply.
  8. Static
    The single most loving person I've ever come into contact with. Feeds me unspeakably delicious food, inspires me to higher levels of kindness, helps me be a better mom and wife, and makes me laugh because she is crazy smart and oh so funny.
  9. Static
    My third favorite man on the planet after my husband and dad. He's seriously brilliant, hilarious beyond words, the greatest husband to @iammeghanmurray and a dad that should write the book on how to be a good dad.
  10. Static
    French loving, scarf wearing, kickass scientist in the making. Her passion and desire to educate the world about the amazing female scientists of the past blows my mind. Also, a reader and fellow crepe lover.
  11. Static
    Funny. Mature. Reads and loves the same kinds of books as me. Writes lovely letters, opens her home when I need a place to stay, and is a 1/4 of one of my most favorite families in the world.
  12. Static
    Brilliant, animal loving/training/fixing, red-haired goddess. She loves me and my family and I love her and hers.
  13. Static
    An incredible teacher! She's the little sis of my BFF and she has crazy good style. Also, funny and beautiful.
  14. Static
    Whether reading, drinking or being an introvert, everything Jenny does she does one hundred percent. I love her curly hair, her wild tattoos and her non-committal nature.
  15. Static
    My work friend/makeup advisor/Brooklyn 99 quote partner. She is the Tom to my Donna on Treat Yo Self day. She's super talented and extremely photogenic- even on tacky teacher day.