I'm shit when it comes to keeping secrets. @justjills , I love you.
  1. Watch The Mindy Project
    I'm going to binge watch it over the next two weeks.
  2. Read Little Women
    I already have the audio book ready to go on my phone. It will only take a week of bus routes to finish it.
  3. Think of the perfect list request for her
    The best present would be if it was featured.
  4. A cookie cake from BiLo
    No other kind will do.
  5. Help her hang her plate wall
    Helping hang art is one of the few things I bring to this relationship.
  6. A refreshed moss garden/terrarium
    I still have that old one from your office that I told you I'd fix up. That was a year ago at least.
  7. Assuming I win the lottery in the next few days, I'm going to buy us first class tickets to NYC and we'll go see Hamilton.
    I'll also buy you all the street-vendor hot dogs you could ever want.🌭🌭🌭
  8. Static