All the Times @DCB Chuckled While Watching Hot Fuzz Even Though It's Our Thirtieth Time Seeing It

Warning: It's basically the whole movie so... spoilers.
  1. The long walk in the opening scene
  2. Extreme biking
  3. Underage drinkers
  4. The Andys
  5. "Up to our balls in jugglers"
  6. The swan
  7. "You ain't seen Bad Boys II?"
  8. "We did get a little drunk!"
  9. The fence jumping
    Literally clapped his hands and giggled
  10. "By the power of Grayskull"
  11. Aaron A. Aaronson
  12. "Pub?"
  13. "What made you want to become a policeman officer?"
  14. Officer Angel kicking the farmer's mum in the face
  15. "That's what I'm talkin' about."
  16. "Did you say cool off?"
    "No, I didn't say anything actually."
  17. "Don't go being a twat now."
    "I wouldn't give you the satisfaction."
  18. The model village fight
  19. We really love this movie.