(And this is my 100th list!!)
  1. On my way to work at Chili's.
    A nice man picked me up and drove me to the Denny's to call my parents and work. I slammed my finger in his car door and the Denny's was just across the border so I couldn't actually call home because it was long distance. It was quite a shitty day.
  2. On my way home from work at Chili's.
    I was on a medium-sized interstate ramp at night. Cell phones were semi newish and I didn't have my own. The car I was driving often had trouble so my dad let me take his cell phone to work with me that evening. He came and brought gas.
  3. Hanging out with two guy friends at night.
    One of them is now my husband. The other guy ran to the closest gas station to get me a gas can. A lady cop stopped by and gave me a hard time about running out of gas where I did. Not helpful.
  4. In the middle lane of a three lane road.
    I was first in line at a stop light and my car turned off. I flipped on my blinkers and thought, "Well, shit." Out of nowhere several men from cars all around me surrounded my car so I popped it into neutral and they pushed me to the side. They ran back to their cars and I never knew who any of them were. Angels, I think. Eventually, my mom and dad came and took me to a gas station to get a gas can.
  5. A mile from church.
    So I walked the rest of the way in the rain in my moccasins.
  6. On the interstate half a mile from the exit with all the cheap gas.
    @Cara_duhh and @tcdavis1 were riding with me to meet @justjills at a college baseball game. Jill came and saved us and proved once again how gracious and amazing she is because she wasn't mad at me at all for ruining our plans by adding on an hour-long errand. I was seven months pregnant. Two separate cops stopped by to check on us. One chatted to me about his wife and kids as I refueled with the gas can Jill brought.
  7. Times I've almost run out of gas: incalculable.