1. Messy car
  2. Phone batteries always dead or dying
  3. What to make for breakfast
  4. What to make for lunches
  5. What to make for dinners
  6. Anxious parents
    Of my students, not mine. Mine are perfect.
  7. Chopping vegetables
  8. Not eating Taco Bell or McDonalds every day
    But wanting to
  9. Getting jars open sometimes
  10. Hand washing anything
  11. Accidentally buying mom shoes
  12. Staying up too late every single night of my life
  13. Detaching from people
    Even if I want to
  14. Luna
    I can't believe she wasn't top of the list tbh
  15. Finding the balance between socializing and being home with my family
    My eternal dilemma
  16. Those little holes in the front of shirts
    How do they get there? Why always in that spot? I know others have this same issue and I just don't understand.
  17. Wondering if I'm doing life all wrong
    Today I went on a field trip to learn about colonial farming. The one room cabin we visited felt like my true home.
  18. That's it, really.