1. I love the way you look at me
  2. And the way you touch my hair
  3. I love it when you act a fool
  4. I love it when you swear
  5. And even though we are different
  6. In so very many ways,
  7. I hope to be the one you love
  8. Until your dying days.
  9. You spend with such a quickness
  10. And leave jelly jars in the sink
  11. But those are small potatoes
  12. So before I nag I'll think-
  13. About how sweetly you kiss me
  14. And that you never seem to care
  15. That I lose my keys,
  16. And phone
  17. And wallet
  18. All the time.
  19. Everywhere.
  20. This day is meant to celebrate
  21. Your birth
  22. And self
  23. And life
  24. But most of all I'll celebrate
  25. That I get to be your wife.