Thank you for the request, @boygirlparty ! I've been wanting to make this list for quite some time. 🇫🇷
  1. One day while riding the metro home from class, a man carrying a bouquet and wearing bright red chucks and headphones danced into the train. He kept it up for five stops until he danced right out the door.
  2. The 80 yr old widow I lived with had a 90 yr old boyfriend. One week I stayed at a hostel with some out-of-town visitors. I ran home one morning to grab something and I walked in to find her feeding him breakfast in bed (not a euphemism). I think she was embarrassed that he stayed over but the vision of her sweetly feeding him still melts my heart.
  3. I used to play a game on the metro called "French or not French." I'd guess if someone was French or not by their mannerisms or the way they held their mouth. I was really good at this game.
    Except I never got up the nerve to talk to anyone so it's just as possible I was crap at this game.
  4. I took an art history class and most of our lessons took place in the Louvre.
    My professor used the phrase "as it were" at least 30 times a lecture. I'm heartbroken that that is the most vivid memory I have of those classes.
  5. I heard about a church out in the banlieues (suburbs) and wanted to visit. I knew the general area but didn't know the exact address. I hopped on a bus and just hoped I'd magically find it. After riding for 30 minutes, I realized that was a dumb plan.
    I got off the bus at a random stop and asked the only person also out at that time of morning if she'd ever heard of Emmanuel International Church. She pointed to a house across the street. I had, in fact, magically found it.
  6. I had a work study job in the summer programs office of my university. All I did was take staples out of people's CVs so that they could be recycled.
  7. There was a homeless looking man who played a very beat-up guitar on Line 6 of the metro. One time I gave him a 5 Euro bill because that was all I had. He was so grateful he sat across from me and played me a solo show the rest of my ride home. It was intense but sweet.
    My favorite song he played was What Child is This.
  8. My best friend lived in a tiny chambre de bonne just across from the Eiffel Tower. She nannied for a rich family who lived in the actual apartments downstairs. One weekend they were out of town so we had a small party in the big apartment. We used their fancy wine glasses and I shattered one while simply holding it in my hand.
    I felt so BA and mortified all at once. They had so many wine glasses we just shifted them around until you couldn't tell one was missing.
  9. That same friend had a window that led onto the roof of her building. This was the view from her bed.
  10. We'd sit out there and eat fruit and baguettes. Surprisingly, I only went out there drunk once.
  11. I ate Chinese food almost every day. My favorite thing was boulettes de poulet, which pretty much means "small balls of chicken."
  12. I ate a pain au chocolate most mornings but even though I only ever asked for one they would always give me and ring me up for two.
    I realized a month or so in that it was because I was holding up my index finger which is how they count to two in Europe.
  13. Static
    Me eating a baguette and looking very content.