1. Photos
    Glad to have it but I find it overwhelming.
  2. Goodreads
    I love Goodreads but the app needs some work.
  3. New York Times Crossword Puzzle
    My love for this app hinges completely on how well I do each day on the free mini puzzle. Today I sucked.
  4. Safari
    V helpful having all the knowledge of the world at my finger tips but I'm still feeling pretty blasé about it right now.
  5. Camera
    Glad to have it. I'm not great at taking pics with my phone.
  6. Reminders
    Very helpful. I set at least two reminders for myself each day. Today I had one I set months ago reminding me to plant gourds and pumpkins so that I won't have to buy them come autumn. I only follow through like 65% of the time.
  7. Pinterest
    Pretty but I may have hit my limit on how much Pinterest I need in my life.
  8. Instagram
    Pretty but can be pretty boring.
  9. The Weather Channel
    Crashes too often, has obnoxious ads and yet I love it.
  10. Amazon Music
    Nearly free music. Pisses me off when it doesn't have the very few albums I really want to hear.
  11. Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg
    I love that I have the power to request books at a moment's notice. Hate that every time I log in it reminds me of my late fees.
  12. Messages
    Today I got some drunk texts from my friends and that made me happy. On workdays texts can stress me out.
  13. Li.st
    We are past the Golden Age, I think, but I like what we've got going here guys.
  14. Maps
    I could look at maps all day.