1. April 28, 1985 ~ My Birth
    Obvs I have zero memories from this day but if it wasn't for it, none of the days that follow would have happened. {side note: how gorgeous is my mom's hair color?}
  2. December 10, 2003 ~ Best Friends in Paris
    I was studying abroad for a year and my three best friends flew over to visit for a week. Every day was amazing but mostly it was just great to be together.
  3. July 14, 2007 ~ Wedding Day
    As an extrovert, I live for parties. A wedding day is like a birthday party on crack. Everyone you know and love is there and is piling on gifts and compliments galore! Also, we danced our asses off.
  4. March 19, 2011 ~ Paris to Charlotte
    My husband and best friend just finished up a ten day European vacation. I woke up in Paris, ate a few pain au chocolats, watched a zillion movies on the flight home, got back home and ate at my favorite restaurant and then hung out with good friends who cleaned out my car while I was gone. (This glosses over the fact that I had to leave my BFF and hubs in Europe because we were flying standby and I was the only one who made it on the plane. @justjills and @DCB will never let me live that down.)
  5. February 16, 2013 ~ Wizarding World of Harry Potter
    Drinking butter beer, walking through the castle, and, best of all, I WAS CHOSEN AT OLLIVANDER'S! I cried. ⚡️
  6. April 1, 2014 ~ Ellie's Birth
    Also the most painful day of my life. But as soon as they laid that gooey, screaming baby on my chest I could not stop smiling. Even as they scraped out my placenta.
  7. May 1, 2014 ~ Jill's 34th Bday
    Two years ago I threw a weekend-long extravaganza for my BFF's bday. We did something amazing or saw someone special for every letter of the alphabet: attended an auction, drank beer at a brewery, ate a cookie cake from Cara (@Cara_duhh ), watched Draft Day and so on.
  8. July 29, 2015 ~ Kid-Free Day in Hawaii
    We visited our best couple friends on Oahu last summer and got a babysitter for the whole day! We snorkeled, visited Spitting Cave, and ate lots of great food. @iammeghanmurray @mbmurray23 The whole vacation was incredible but this was the best day by far.