1. "If we're going to be desk mates, we need a secret handshake."
  2. "My favorite singers are Taylor Swift and John Denver."
  3. "My favorite YouTuber is me."
  4. "Imagination is infinite."
  5. "Who's Shaq?"
  6. "I'm so glad we're finally getting to learn."
  7. A kid sneezed like 14 times and then came and asked me, "What's this goo on my shirt?"
    I said, "It's no big deal but didn't you sneeze a bunch of times a minute ago? So I think it's... you know..." He refused to believe it was his boogers. Just kept looking around like something had fallen on him from the sky.
  8. I played the dangerous game where I had the kids guess my age. Here are their guesses.
    I'm 31.
  9. This view from my morning bus route
  10. It's gonna be a good year.
  11. Static
  12. Static