Warning: spoilers!
  1. Outlander
    I tried. I did. I'm all about fantasy/time travel/supposed gentlemen. But when he spanked her for her disobedience? Hell. No.
  2. The Kite Runner
    Sadness after sadness after sadness. Quality writing and it taught me so much about life in Afghanistan but it's just too sad.
  3. Cutting for Stone
    When that twin brother slept with the girl I was livid. And the female circumcision part- I just couldn't handle it. I can honestly say, though, it was well written overall but just too infuriating.
  4. In The Woods
    NO RESOLUTION!?!? Are you kidding me?!? Do not be a mystery writer if you do not, in fact, SOLVE THE MYSTERY!
  5. Prophet of Yonwood
    I loved City of Ember and People of Sparks but this one was lame.