Child stars are just a given, right?
  1. Claire Danes
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    Her cry face is such a cultural joke that surely she must be self conscious every time she cries. That would suck.
  2. The Olsen Twins
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    They look like they take themselves way too seriously to ever have fun. Also, one of them was with Heath Ledger when he died (right?) so that probably sucked a whole bunch.
  3. Bill Paxton
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    Because even though Twister was amazing, he'll never be Bill Pullman.
  4. Anne Hathaway
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    Because I don't like her and I can't articulate why. And then it became a thing that lots of people didn't like her and that made me feel even worse.
  5. Jennifer Garner
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    Because her husband's ex was also named Jennifer and that just has to be awkward.
  6. David Spade
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    Because I think the death of Chris Farley really broke him. : (
  7. All of them to a degree.
    Everyone knows your business. Who can you trust to be genuine beyond your family and old friends? Paparazzi. Pressure to be smart/good looking/productive/never aging/etc at all times. Strangers thinking you owe them your time. Mega high divorce rate. It just all seems kind of sucky.
  8. Exceptions: (Because they're too awesome and don't need it? Not really sure.)
    Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Stanley Tucci, Giovanni Ribisi, Gary Oldman