Highlights of the places to go, things to do and foods to eat!
  1. Amelie's French Bakery
    This is probably the coolest place Charlotte has ever produced. The atmosphere, the baked goods, the open 24 hours aspect make it 💯. There are four locations around town but the best one is in NoDa, the arts district short for the street it's on: North Davidson.
  2. NoDa
    The arts district mentioned above. Has the coolest coffee shops and the best live music venues. You can check out who will be playing at the Neighborhood Theater or the Evening Muse.
  3. Pinky's Westside Grill
    Funky foods with a southern twist. Corndog shrimp, pimpin' fries (pimento cheese melted over waffle fries) and the white trash burger (a delightful burger topped with fried pickles). Fun decor and mega sweet tea.
  4. US National Whitewater Center
    A cool place to eat, climb, kayak or zipline. Live music (sometimes killer bluegrass!) happens on Thursdays and Saturdays! {Sadly the whitewater rafting part is currently shut down due to a brain-eating amoeba found in the water. But trails and other activities are still open!}
  5. Metalmorphosis
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    A giant mirror head statue! It's funky and cool and free. It's literally just a giant statue in a fountain in the middle of a business park but it's unique so I dig it.
  6. The people are southern cosmo.
    A term I coined to mean friendly in a typically southern way but also not back-ward rednecky.
  7. Breweries
    I'm not a beer drinker but I've been to a few and the atmosphere is always great and the foods good too! Old Meck Brewery or Sweetgrass Brewery are the two I'd recommend. @byrdwords did a full rundown of the breweries around town: BEST BREWERIES IN CHARLOTTE
  8. Uptown
    We call our downtown Uptown for some reason. I think it is the highest point in the county but maybe I just made that up. Uptown isn't big so you can walk it all in a day. Highlights would be the Panther's Stadium, the Knight's (baseball) Stadium, restaurants on The Green (a small park in the middle of Uptown), and the NASCAR Hall of Fame if you're into that sort of thing.
  9. Two hours from the mountains; three hours from the beach.
    This isn't super helpful unless you're staying for a week or longer. But it's just really amazing being able to take day trips to either extreme. 🌅🌄
  10. It's just beautiful.
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  11. Flying in at night is a special treat.