Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. Googling yourself
    And finding that the only picture of you that comes up is the best picture you've ever taken.🙌
  2. Solving a math problem correctly
  3. Sending someone a letter and knowing you'll make their day
  4. Hanging out with your parents
    Because they'll always pay
  5. Redbox
    And returning it on time
  6. Letterboxing
  7. Sitting on a back porch
  8. Listing
  9. Reading library books
    And turning them on time
  10. Tidying your house
    Just me?
  11. Eating a McDouble
    With no onions
  12. Wearing your favorite outfit
  13. Two buck chuck
  14. Daydreaming a really good one
  15. Nailing a high note in a song
  16. Finding a gloriously perfect pair of jeans
    For under $20
  17. Being in a room full of only people who know you and love you a whole lot
  18. Public speaking
    And nailing it.
  19. Making eye contact with strangers
  20. Having a good bangs day