Inspired by @k8mcgarry & @marymurphy
  1. Always put your keys in the little pocket of your purse so you don't spend half your life digging through your purse to find them.
  2. Please do not drive to the gas station without your wallet again.
  3. You like salads. It's okay to order them sometimes.
  4. Pee right when you get out of bed in the morning! Please don't get dressed first and then have to undo all your hard work just to have to pee two minutes later.
  5. Remember to plant pumpkins in August so you don't spend your whole October paycheck buying them from Target.
  6. Remember to watch V for Vendetta on November fifth.
  7. Stressing and cursing in traffic is killing you and is probably not good for your baby to be around. Please just leave ten minutes earlier.
  8. Do not wear your white jeans the week you are supposed to start your period.
  9. Be nice to future Amie by taking care of shit today.