I'm half asleep and two glasses in but this feels too important to put off. I trailed off in season 5. (I wrote this late one night last week. Why did I not hit publish?) 📁🍂🍁
  1. Pierce and Eartha Kitt
    Yikes. Pierce and anyone would be last tbh.
  2. Annie and Jeff
    Not here for it. Never was. The age difference and everything else.
  3. Jeff and Greendale teacher lady
    I didn't hate it but no thanks.
  4. Britta and Troy
    Seemed forced.
  5. Britta and Jeff
    I know. Basic and predictable and bland blah blah blah. I liked them.
  6. Jeff and Dean Pelton
    Loved it. They're interactions were a highlight of the series.
  7. Abed and coat check girl
    Cute. Something happened between them later maybe. Someone refresh my memory.
  8. Troy and Abed
    I lived for them. Their love and chemistry were so solid.