1. Watching
    Making History with Adam Pally who I love.
  2. Reading
    Big Little Lies for book club this Friday. I should be reading instead of listing so I actually finish on time.
  3. Listening
    to nothing because I hate new music but I am over all my old music. Same for podcasts.
  4. Dreaming
    about summer and what the future holds. Thinking about the future is one of my favorite past times. Is that irony? I never know.
  5. Wondering
    about the amazing massiveness of space. I'm about to cry just thinking about it. It's a magical miracle we're all here!
  6. Hoping
    that the AHCA gets shot down hard. I faxed some senators the other day just by texting RESIST to 50409 and then looking up a script online. Do it, guys.
  7. Weighing
    the pros and cons of having a yard sale or just dropping all the shit off at Goodwill.
  8. Loving
    My fam, friends and job. And my house plants. They just make me so happy.