@DCB goes through 6-36 month phases of being obsessed with things. Maybe this is normal for people (men?) but I find it fascinating. With his obsession comes buying all the books and magazines, reading online blogs and forums, and talking about it non-stop. Here is a list of all the things he has been fanatical about starting with the most recent.
  1. Meditation
    Here's his list about a July meditation challenge he's inviting all you listers to join: JOIN ME FOR A JULY MEDITATION EXTRAVAGANZA!
  2. Gluten-free living/being paleo/AIP (autoimmune protocol)
    This one is out of necessity and is a lifelong thing but I'm still counting it.
  3. FIRE
    Stands for Financial Independence Retire Early, Mr. Money Mustache and all things investing and saving.
  4. His cast iron skillet
  5. Brazilian Jui Jitsu
  6. Foley Sounds
    He made adorable YouTube tutorials: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCkBFO9ocaRSESbc4l2tYHdw
  7. Biking
  8. GIMP
    The free version of Photoshop
  9. Minimalism
    & tiny houses
  10. Stock Trading
  11. Health Metrics
    He takes his heart rate multiple times a day.
  12. Coding
  13. Assorted video games
  14. GMB
    Stands for Gold Medal Bodies and is a workout program that mainly involves stretching???? It costs a zilllion dollars so naturally I hate it.
  15. Ambient guitar pedals
  16. G.K. Chesterton
  17. Computer music production
  18. Running
  19. Beard care